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This Is Us (2016) [VER AHORA]

45min | Comedy, Drama, Romance | TV Series (2016–2022)

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Esta provocativa y honesta serie sigue a un grupo de personas bastante particular que, de pronto, ven cómo sus vidas se entrelazan unas con otras de las maneras más curiosas posibles, explorando sus propios conflictos, privaciones y dificultades. Pronto descubren que muchos de ellos comparten elementos comunes en sus vidas (algunos de ellos cumplen año el mismo día), incluso más de lo que cualquiera de ellos podrían esperar. This is Us es una serie que mezcla elementos de comedia y drama, y en la que los personajes deben lidiar con los aspectos difíciles de la vida, demostrando que el amor es una fuerza imparable y que los humanos son capaces de resistir más de lo que creen.


This Is Us (2016) The premiere of "This Is Us" in 2016 and enjoyed as "Riverdale" was in 2017, which includes the end of Season One and the start of the long-awaited Season Two. "This is us" was praised for its somewhat unusual storytelling style, which combines traditional drama with a series of flashback and flashback genres that tell the stories of the characters for four consecutive decades. As well as receiving critical acclaim, "This Is Us" is one of the most emotional and tearful series of the year, with fans stuck on the edge of their seats as the plot unfolds and a protagonist is killed. There are a few twists and turns for "That's Us" as the episode ("The Disappointed Man") uses the N-word and star Chris Sullivan had to defend the use of a bold suit to portray Toby. It's a relatively minor "inconsistency" compared to the other disturbing series on this list, however, so we can happily say that "This Is Us" ended up in third place just to make viewers' hearts beat again and again.

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