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Recommended horror genre movies to watch in theaters in 2021

Recommended horror genre movies to watch in theaters in 2021

No matter when you decide to return to theaters, there's no doubt that there will be great movies to watch in 2021.

 Poltergeist [1982]

Poltergeist [1982]

With regards to the paranormal loathsomeness kind, Tobe Hooper's Apparition is essentially the outline. Highlighting a chilling story brought about by Steven Spielberg, the film follows a five-year-old young lady who acquires the capacity to speak with the dead through her family's Television.

What might actually turn out badly? 
Like The Conjuring, it considers the dreary potential outcomes of what lies past. Frequented graveyards, gooey ectoplasms, imperceptible powers unleashing destruction on a charming rural home. On the off chance that it's powerful and creepy, Phantom makes certain to have it. Also, on the off chance that you can endure the entire film without covering your eyes with a pad, you'll understand the number of motion pictures — The Conjuring included — were enlivened by it. 

Watch Movie       : https://www.medium-tv.xyz/poltergeis

Rilise                   : 06/04/1982 (US)

Genre                  : Horror 

duration movie   : 1h/54m 

The Exorcist  [1973]

The Exorcist  [1973]

The film follows a twelve-year-old young lady named Regan (Linda Blair), who in the wake of playing with an Ouija board, begins acting… bizarre. Also, that is putting it pleasantly. The new Regan swears like a mariner, pees on her mother's carpet before a lot of outsiders, and can lift multiple times her body weight. It doesn't take long for her mother (Ellen Burstyn) to find that Regan is moved by a devil. So on the off chance that you like the evil subjects, bounce panics, and all-around paranormal creepiness of The Conjuring, help yourself out and look at The Exorcist.

Watch Movie       : https://www.medium-tv.xyz/the-exorcist

Rilise                   12/26/1973 (US)

Genre                  Horror

duration movie   : 2h/2m

Paranormal Activity [2009]

Paranormal Activity [2009]

If you remember the year that Paranormal Activity came out, you remember the moment that the horror community went into a total frenzy. The film follows a woman who is intent on confronting a demon that terrorized her when she was a kid. So, she decides to buy a Ouija board (if we’ve learned anything as horror veterans, it is that this is always a bad idea). 

Rilise                   : 09/25/2009 (US)

Genre                  :  horor

duration movie   : 1h 26m

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